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    Employees at all levels of the organization need to be able to access financial information and key performance indicators (KPIs) from a variety of sources, analyze it and share it with others to formulate sound business strategies, make rapid decisions and address key issues. We provide business intelligence technologies to help people quickly find the data they need in your ERP system, then analyze and report on it using familiar productivity tools, such as Microsoft Excel. With these tools, employees can quickly and easily create their own reports and analytics and collaborate with peers for aligned and informed decision making.

    Business intelligence tools allow employees to seamlessly connect and collaborate with each other, find peers with subject matter expertise and share content to make informed, rapid business decisions. In addition, our business analytic tools enable IT departments to better manage information throughout the organization by empowering users with self-service capabilities while retaining the ability to monitor, manage and govern the data and solutions that users create.

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