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    As a computer systems reseller, you’re tasked with providing a complete solution to your customer including hardware and software designed and implementing to a client’s particular need. This requires a sometimes lengthy and intricate process of procuring hardware and software, installing it and integrating them together. Your team will also test and support these systems on a long-term basis. This business demands an ERP solution which can handle every aspect of the purchasing, selling and support sides of your business.

    Business Solution Partners understands these needs and has decades of experience with businesses just like yours. Our cloud software solutions provide a single, integrated system that will comfortably handle your processes from start to finish.

    We will implement and support a system, which will:

    • Provide a single system which can configure products, quote, handle approval processing and ordering
    • Integrate accounting and inventory control
    • Process drop ships and special orders
    • Manage electronic signing of quotes or estimates to shorten Quote to Cash cycle
    • Automate your marketing efforts to highlight new offerings, support tips and recommendations
    • Offer customer service and support call management and scheduling
    • Manage projects and resources for fixed fee and Time & Material projects
    • Store documents like contracts, system specifications, network diagrams, and configuration requirements
    • Be mobile-ready to provide on-site technical resources with the information you need at the customer’s location

    Business Solution Partners helps value-added and computer systems resellers operate smarter and more effectively, always with an eye on the future.

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