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    Cloud-Based Business Solutions

    The Benefits Of Cloud Accounting, CRM And ERP Systems

    Savvy executives know business is moving to the cloud. As you upgrade your existing enterprise distribution software to a next-generation solution (or you switch to a new, next-gen system outright), the cloud is going to be a significant part of the conversation.

    Cloud CRM and cloud ERP solutions offer tremendous advantages compared to on-premises technologies, including:

    • Less Overhead: When you’re not burdened by buying and maintaining hardware and software licenses, you have more resources to invest in your business.
    • More Flexibility: Cloud CRM and cloud ERP solutions are untethered from your office. Your team can access information from anywhere at any time from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.
    • Faster Implementation: Where a conventional enterprise software implementation takes half a year or (usually) longer, a cloud-based solution is up and running in just a few months.
    • Remarkable Savings: According to an independent report from analyst firm Hurwitz & Associates, cloud-based business software for a 100-person company costs about 50 percent less than on-premises alternatives over a four-year period.
    • Strong Security: Cloud-based, software-as-a-service applications like NetSuite provide data security, such as PCI DSS compliance. Prohibitive cost prevents most traditional on-premises systems from reaching this level of security.
    • Greater Control: Cloud CRM and cloud ERP solutions free you to focus more on your core business and less on the software and applications you need to operate.
    • Scalable Growth: With cloud-based business software, if you take your company public, start working in different parts of the world or come into other growth, you won’t be restricted by hardware and software that isn’t scalable to your situation.
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