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Business Solution Partners offers cloud-based and self-hosted revenue, budgeting, and forecasting software for cash flow projects, sales planning & balance sheet forecasting. Our cash flow forecasting and sales forecasting software and services help companies build budgeting models and reduce the time and effort of diagnosing errors and building spreadsheets.

We can help your company:

  • Eliminate the need to use error prone, hard to audit and potentially inaccurate Excel spreadsheets
  • Reducing Budgeting and forecast cycle times by up to 90%
  • Create timely reporting and analytics, including what if scenarios
  • Deliver frequent rolling forecasts and sales forecasts
  • Make better, faster and more informed business decisions
  • Create revenue planning and sales forecasting models
  • Integrate with existing ERP systems for seamless reporting and forecasting
  • Manage personnel planning and by department, projects, funds with split headcounts
  • Build Capital Asset budgets
  • Design simple allocation planning rules and formulas
  • Design Balance sheet Forecasts and cash flow forecast
  • Create workflow for manager submit, approve and reject plans
  • Track budget process and assignment to individuals
  • Support multiple currencies

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