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    As a BioTech/BioPharma company, you are on the cutting edge of medical science. Research and development projects for your company need to be tightly managed so costs and progress can be reported and grant funds handled properly. Once you achieve success in research and development, you’ll have to start managing manufacturing and distribution of your product. We know this is a lot to manage and we have the tools to help you do it right.

    Business Solution Partners works with BioTech and BioPharma companies to get a reliable and efficient ERP solution up and working in your company from the start. We put world-class project management applications to work for you. You will know progress and cost for each project you manage.

    If you’re manufacturing and distributing a product, we have the experience and expertise to help you track inventory quantities, receives and ship orders and maintain an audit trail every step of the way.

    With products and services from Business Solution Partners, you can expect to benefit by:

    • Budgeting and tracking research and development project tasks, stage of completion, work effort and cost and project tracking
    • Manage documents associated with R&D efforts, grants and contracts
    • Reduce Compliance Costs by tracking and documenting project information and resources
    • Reduce Operating Costs by eliminating manual processes and redundant processes and by eliminating the large cost of printing, reviewing and storing documents
    • Rapidly scale from development company to manufacturer
    • Manage orders, fulfillment, production in a single integrated system
    • Provide end to end visibility across all areas of the organization from finance, and sales to manufacturing and quality management
    • Focus on developing new products and therapies rather than managing the systems and operational challenges of running a business.

    Business Solution Partners helps BioTech and BioPharma businesses operate smarter and more effectively, always with an eye on the future.

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